LinkedIn Can Truly Link you In

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LinkedIn Can Truly Link you In

This blog was written by Caitlin Pfaff, our campus ambassador from Florida State University. Follow her on Twitter: @caitlinpfaff

When I first got a LinkedIn account, I thought it would be a good idea to connect with people. It gave me an opportunity to link with people at my internships to maintain those contacts for years. It’s also a way to network with fellow students; your classmates will once be your peers in the workforce and are another great resource. I also knew LinkedIn would be a nice way to find connections with people. If there’s someone that I would like to know, I have the ability to see if anyone from my network knows him or her and can easily make a contact.

However, I didn’t realize until recently how LinkedIn could connect me to jobs. When I was updating my profile, which you should make sure to do regularly, I checked out the top of the page and noticed “Jobs.” When I scrolled over it and saw “Find Jobs” I knew this would be a remarkable way to start looking for a job right out of college. Not only does it enable you to search for jobs by job titles, keywords or company names, but also it shows you jobs you may be interested in.

This fabulous tool is a great resource for many things, including finding a good job! Have you used LinkedIn to find a job? Any other ways you have utilized LinkedIn?