A Little Bit of Chatter

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A Little Bit of Chatter

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Neli Tokleh from University of North Texas.

In the public relations and other related fields, we must practice communication with nearly anyone. Talking to unfamiliar people may be nerve racking for some, but it’s something we all have to get used to. We need to be able to talk to potential employers, new co-workers and clients. Here are some quick tips on how to spark conversation with just about anybody.


Ask the person for a brief background, such as the typical “elevator speech.” A good start can be about hobbies and where he or she grew up. If this is a work-related environment, ask what his/her favorite websites and social media tools are.

Hot Topics

If there is a trending topic going on in your industry, don’t be shy to mention it. You don’t have to state your opinion or agree with whom you’re speaking to. It gives the person more chance to talk and for you to better understand their interests.


Everyone has a story. Ask your peers about they landed their jobs. Was it from who they know? Was it from a Twitter post or Craig’s List? Dig deep and take notes. Their resources may benefit you in the long run.