Live in NYC this Summer!

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Live in NYC this Summer!

With summer internship season fast approaching, I’ve been getting so many emails from students about internships. It seems that this year the popular place to intern is NYC. As with every year NYC, is the place to be.

A few weeks ago we posted a blog listing all the NYC internships available - if you missed it you can read it HERE - but after getting your internship what next?  You'll need a place to live, of course!

Enter The NYCIntern Housing program! Their apartments are luxurious, safe and comfortable. By staying in one of their apartments you will learn how to live on your own in a professional setting. You will also get a huge glimpse of what it’s like to live in the Big Apple!

By choosing the NYCIntern Housing program you are signing up to live in apartments with full kitchens, private bathrooms & lots of amazing amenities! We know this time year NYC housing gets tough because of the volume of students wanting to stay in NYC while they intern over the summer but no need to worry because the NYC intern housing program is an amazing options for you & you must check it out ASAP!

If after reading this, you are already envisioning yourself living in your own apartment in the city, make sure to click HERE for more information!

Right now is the perfect time to get more information and to sign up.

See you all in NYC!