The LocalResponse Internship Experience

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The LocalResponse Internship Experience

Kim is NYU&s Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. She is currently a marketing major at NYU&s Stern School of Business, and a proud member of the LocalResponse team, based in New York City. If you attend NYU and want to blog for us, please comment on this blog and Kim will get in touch.

Question the Quo: the LocalResponse Experience

I’m kind of a hippie.

Not the flowers-in-the-hair, psychedelic kind – more like a modern day hippie. Growing up as a first-generation American in an unorthodox Vietnamese family, I was raised by my immigrant father as a fighter. I was told to always question everything – social authority, my peers, even my parents (in moderation, of course). Mr. Pham’s style of teaching? Shove me headfirst into the figurative deep end, allowing me to fall on my own and learn from my mistakes. Thus, I became the person I am today – often stubborn, always rebellious, never silent.

Naturally, I ended up in business school. (Cue the laughter.)

Somehow, I found myself at New York University’s Stern School of Business. I have since struggled with the culture that pervades this institution; a place where the majority of the students are finance majors, destined for investment banking positions at big names like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. It has been difficult for me to swallow the students’ resigned acceptance and blind reverence of this predetermined “Stern path.”

It was here that I found LocalResponse – this New York City-based startup took me under their wing in January 2011, where I have willingly and lovingly stayed since. What started as a 7-person startup still in beta has blossomed into a fully-launched, 15-person “Krew” – one that I am very much proud to be a part of.

I’ve been working in startups since junior year of high school, but LocalResponse truly epitomizes the enthusiasm, determination, and innovation that define the startup scene. Aside from the sweet perks (I went to SXSW for Spring Break!), I am truly passionate about what we do. LocalResponse is a social CRM tool that aggregates cross-platform social media check-ins for business owners, allowing them to recognize and reward their most loyal word-of-mouth marketers, reconnecting that online conversation.

LocalResponse is essentially trying to change the way businesses and brands utilize social media. Working at this startup has given me the amazing opportunity to be a part of a true game-changer. My naturally independent nature lends itself perfectly to this kind of atmosphere, where success is preceded by tenacity, intellectual curiosity, and the desire to try something new.

I believe that it is scarily important for this generation to push the boundaries of tradition; there is always space to innovate, regardless of industry and profession. I am so blessed to have had LocalResponse further awaken that within me – this unrelenting thirst to explore and that urge to keep questioning.