Lock In Your Work Relationships

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Lock In Your Work Relationships

If you are at your internship or job it's important to bond with your fellow interns and/or co-workers. These relationships can stay with you for your entire career. Just to give you an idea of where some of my internship relationships have ended up - see below:

  • Michael Menachem (my intern buddy from Backstage) is now a well-known music writer (http://twitter.com/menoxmusic)
  • Alyson Campbell (my intern buddy from the NYU Summer Program) now runs her own PR Firm in NYC (http://twitter.com/alyamp3) Her internships are available on my site!
  • Shannon Howard (my intern friend from Fox is now a fabulous comedy coordinator at ABC)
  • Rob Forman (another Fox intern friend) is working on the new show Lonestar in Los Angeles.

We were all able to lock in our relationships and stay in touch beyond our internship summers. We are constantly resources for one another and the frienships we've created will last a lifetime. And we always have those summer to look back on.

This is your time to lock in your relationships. Hang out with your fellow interns or co-workers outside of the office. You never know when a contact will come in handy and if you can form a friendship out of it - even better!

If your office doesn't do intern activities - be the one to create them. Put together after hours events where all of the interns can hang out in an environment outside of the office. Check out a baseball game or a hot local brunch spot. Make it happen - you won't regret it. And as your internships come to an end in the coming weeks, make a note in your calendar to stay in touch with these people, friend them on facebook, keep them posted on what you are doing. I promise, many of them will end up in the same industry and location as you in the future.When I moved out to Los Angeles, the first two people I called were Shannon and Rob (from above). You never know....