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This post is written by Alicia, our Campus Ambassador from Towson University. Alicia is a Mass Communication major (with tracks in Public Relations and Advertising) and an Italian minor.

In a previous blog post, I wrote about personal branding and how it can help you establish a professional identity. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how a logo contributes to a brand’s identity – and I think you should have one.

Not only do I think you should have a logo, but I think you should be consistent in using it. I use the logo from my calling cards (purchased on Etsy) on my resume, cover letter, and thank-you cards, and I keep with the same color scheme for all materials I send out. While in some professions, it may not be a good idea to deviate from a standard black-and-white resume, in more creative fields (like graphic design, advertising, PR, etc.) it helps a resume stand out in the pile.

Having a logo is a great way for prospective employers to gauge a candidate’s personality and style, and it will add a little visual interest to a pile of boring resumes. I spent hours on Etsy trying to find the calling cards that best fit my personality, but I’m rewarded for that each time someone sees my calling cards and compliments them.

I challenge you to take some time and find your brand identity, and then harness it to get your dream internships!