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Look Fab for Less

This is a blog written by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Lauren, from  Montclair State University. On a budget this semester but love being fashionable? Share your savvy ideas below!

With the start of a new season approaching, it&s time to put away your tank tops, shorts and go shopping for some warmer clothing. Being a college student though, it means you most likely cannot afford to shop at Sak&s Fifth Avenue or Lord and Taylor without breaking the bank. However, that doesn&t mean you cannot wear name brands or look amazing every day. Here are some ways that you can look great and still not spread a lot of money!

Shop at discount retailers, such as Marshalls or TJMaxx. These stores sell some of the most well known brands at a much lower price. Most of the clothing sold there either is irregular, surplus, or just did not sell well but that doesn&t mean they aren&t nice! You can really find some amazing buys at these stores. I recently bought a pair of Steve Madden sandals at Marshalls for $15 when they were selling for $50+ at other stores.

Watch for sales. Sales are the best way to get that shirt at the mall you&ve been eying for weeks. Most stores have email newsletters that they send out whenever there is a new sale or promotion going on. Also, sometimes they have exclusive deals or free shipping for subscribers so it&s worth signing up for! Check the newspaper for advertisements as well, as they usually will let you know the latest deals as well.

Make new outfits with clothes you already own. Chances are, you clothes from a previous year that still fit you for the Fall. Instead of going out and buying new clothes, make new outfits from clothing you already have. Maybe pair a shirt a cardigan you never wore can make. I have saved myself a lot of money this way because I reuse my outfits.

Swap clothes with your friends! You know that cute top that your best friend owns that you adore? Instead of buying one for yourself, ask your friend if you can borrow it sometime for dinner or outing. It will save you so much money if you can occasionally swap clothes with your friends as they probably are coveting a piece of clothing that you own as well. Maybe you outgrew a pair of jeans or a friend is tired of a jacket sh has. Instead of just getting rid of them and buying new clothes, ask your friends if they would be interested.

I hope these tips help and you can become that fashionista you&ve always wanted to be without breaking the bank!