For the Love of To-Do Lists

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For the Love of To-Do Lists

This is a guest post from our campus ambassador Emily Vontum from Eastern Michigan State University.

This year, I am heavily involved in a lot of things. I am a full time student, a member of PRSSA, part of the Residence Hall Association, a tutor, I work part-time and I am a campus ambassador.

            Sometimes it gets stressful to keep track of everything I have to do! That is why I rely on To Do Lists! I love, love, love “to do” lists. They give me a realistic look at everything I have to get done.

I have three steps for my To-Do Lists:

  1. Write down everything for every class, organization and job that I have that I need to get done with the date they need to be done.
  2.  Next, I take a good look at everything. You would be surprised by how many of the things on your To-Do List are quick and easy things that will just take a few minutes each. I get those done right away.
  3. Finally, I put everything else in my planner on the corresponding date. That way, I have it in my mind whenever I open my planner.

Of course, my system won’t work for everyone. You need to figure out what system works best for you and stick to it. To Do Lists and planners are very important ways to stay organized, keep your priorities straight and go through college with ease.