Lunch Break Bucket List

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Lunch Break Bucket List

This is a blog post by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Arizona State University, Jeanette. If you attend ASU and wish to blog for our site, leave a comment here!

Lunch Break Bucket List

Having the same old routine during your lunch hour? Spice up your time by accomplishing the lunch break bucket list!

1. Get some frozen yogurt with other interns

2. Try a local restaurant

3. Call a friend or family member back home

4. Get away from media most days of the week

5. Write a letter to a friend

6. Have a quick shopping adventure

7. Pick up some magazines to read

8. Eat with the coworkers in your office

9. Facetime a friend on your iPhone

10. YouTube episodes of Laguna Beach, it’s worth it

11. Freshen up your nail polish, just not in the office

12. Walk around and soak up the sun

13. Pick up a sweet snack for the office

14. Take photos of the city

15. Score a lunch with your boss