The Major Difference Between Freshman and Sophomore Year

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The Major Difference Between Freshman and Sophomore Year

This is a post by Caitlin, our Campus Ambassador at The Catholic University of America. She is majoring in Media Studies with a Minor in Psychology and is a Sophomore.

There is nothing more exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, then going to college. Being somewhere unfamiliar without your friends and family and the comforts of home can be overwhelming at times. I remember moving in my Freshman year and just thinking about what was going to happen. Freshman year is all about getting used to things while Sophomore year is a time to figuring them out. So far this semester I have noticed several differences between Freshman and Sophomore year.

  1. Work habits. As a Freshman I fell into a bad habit of procrastinating and staying up all night to do my work at the last minute. My friends and I would all sit in the hallways with our work spread out around us and we would distract one another until we finally had no option but to do our assignments. This year I have noticed not just with myself but with many other Sophomores that we are taking advantage of the library on campus. Going to the library to do work minimizes the distractions around you because it is a silent work space.
  2. The level of comfort. When you first arrive at a school it is only natural that you will not necessarily know your way around. Most Freshman have only come to the school once or twice before it is time to move in. The first couple of days of class I noticed that many of the Freshman were not sure of which buildings to go into. After a couple of weeks I noticed that the vibe on campus shifted and that everyone seemed to be leaving for class around the same time.
  3. A sense of direction. At CUA you do not need to declare a major until the end of your Sophomore year. As a Freshman many people come in undecided and take a bunch of different classes to see what they are interested in. I think that this is really a great thing because you never know if you are going to like something until you try it. So my advice to both Freshman and Sophomores is to take as many classes in as many different majors as possible, so that you are confident in your decision by the end of Sophomore year.

4. Willingness to Participate. I have noticed that many Sophomores are reluctant to join clubs and campus activities because they think that it is to late. I personally have joined several more on campus activities this year, it is a great way to meet new people and just stay involved. I think Freshman do a great job of joining and attending  activity meetings and I really think that no matter what year in school you are in, it is never to late to join something that interests you.

My advice to the Freshman class is to stay active, stay on-top of their work, and to really focus on themselves and see what they are interested in for their future. Freshman year is a really exciting time full of many opportunities, so my advice is to take those opportunities to your full advantage, and to just have fun!