Make #internchat Your BFF

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Make #internchat Your BFF

We just finished another edition of #internchat. It was really great to see such a wonderful participation rate from students, career counselors, and career experts all over the country. This is so exciting to see a little idea turn into something so great.

Collaboration is a unique thing - and something that everyone really should embrace. The idea for #internchat developed back in January. I was in Washington DC for a #SHRM event and to speak at the nearby - William and Mary. My trip to DC wouldn't have been complete without a visit to IHOP and a yummy breakfast with @heatherhuhman. I remember trying to think about what Heather and I could collaborate on that wouldn't be a conflict of interest and #internchat seemed perfect. We both work in a similar space and thought it would be interesting to be able to express both of our opinions on a variety of internship-related topics. And so we get to #internchat - a great platform on Twitter to directly connect with students. Hundreds of students have now been involved with #internchat.

As your "Intern Queen" all I can do is encourage you to continue to be a part of the conversation - thats really what Twitter is all about. Chat with us, share your stories with us. When I was in college, there was really no one for me to talk about internships with - no one for me to share with - no one for me to collaborate with. Take advantage of your opportunity to connect with myself & with Heather. Ask us whatever you want, share your stories and I promise we will do our best to help. Throughout my career as The Intern Queen (, my message is be prepared, be focused, take initiative, and use your resources. Use us! We are your resources.

#internchat is every other Tuesday at 4PM PST/7PM EST. Get involved on twitter by hashtagging everything with #internchat. The next #internchat is 8/17. Mark your calendar!