Make the Most Out of Your Freshman Year

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Make the Most Out of Your Freshman Year

This blog is written by our new Ohio University Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Sandhya, who is interning in New York City this summer!

As the last few weeks of my freshman year are coming to a close and I enter my sophomore year, I’ve realized four things.

1. Get involved.

I know you’ve all heard that getting involved can truly be one of the best things that you can do as a freshman entering into college and honestly it is so important. When I first arrived on campus, I signed up for a lot of journalism organizations on campus. After attending different meetings and meeting the people involved in the organizations, I realized how beneficial and fun they were. Because I started attending the meetings from the beginning and attending events associated with the organizations, I became better friends with a whole bunch of upperclassmen! This helped me a lot because I was able to get advice about my resume, internships & classes! When looking for the perfect organization for you to join, feel free to change your mind. It will only help you in the future because you will actually be having fun & enjoying the activities you are a part of! By getting involved early on, I’ve already gained great friends & contacts for future internships. So once you head back to campus in the fall, join something new!
2. Always Ask.
If you have a question, ask! Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask a classmate, professor, or upperclassman in one of your organizations for advice! Take advantage of opportunities to talk to your professors at their office hours or over coffee & ask about their past jobs & internships. Who knows, maybe you could get a future job idea for yourself! Get to know what they think about future plans & what you can do to stand out. This will probably be the only time in your life when free career help will be offered, so take advantage!
3. Balance, Balance, Balance.
While getting involved is great, leave some time for yourself. College is a time to find out what your true passions are and let’s face it, writing papers, planning events, and studying for exams is not what you’re going to see in the real world. With that in mind, prioritize what you need to do with what you really want to do. Whether it’s attending a local concert, reading, or just chatting with friends at a coffee shop, find something other than studying to keep your mind active & not stressed. Take up a new hobby or start working out at the gym! Just make sure you balance. The best way to do this is to make a calendar with all the tests, papers, and projects you have due for the rest of the quarter or semester once you get your syllabus. Plan for at least an 1 hour every day to yourself and you’ll be on your way to finding out what college is really all about.
4. Be fearless.
Now I’m not saying to go do something crazy like skydiving right away, but do something that you’ve never done before. Try new food, learn about new cultures and soak up all the culture and diversity that college campuses have to offer. Along with having fun, be fearless in applying for internships and other positions. Don’t just assume that because you’re a freshman, you can’t do it! Get your name out there and if you don’t get it, then ask what you can do next time to be eligible. If you’re really got passion, people will notice it right away and take you seriously no matter what age or year you’re in.

Finally, just have fun. While your first year can be intimidating, make the most out of it. This year has flown by & I can honestly say I’ve learned more about myself and what I want to do in the future than I have before. Because of these four things, I’ve started freelancing, had an internship, and have two internships in the summer. So get involved, ask questions, balance, be fearless, and enjoy!