Make Time To Relax

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Make Time To Relax

I'm writing this blog on a Sunday, a time when hopefully the majority of my readers are relaxing. One of my biggest weaknesses is my ability to completely relax. Even on a typical Saturday or Sunday, it's hard for me to completely cut myself off from working. I do think most entrepreneurs have this struggle, but I'm extremely bad at relaxing. When I have company in town or go on vacation, I usually take at least a day or two until I can get into complete relaxation mode. To my credit, I have gotten better about relaxing over the past year, but it's still an issue.

I spent the past week in bed sick with a relentless cold and fever. I'm finally better (with the exception of an annoying cough) and was probably the most cut off from work that I've been all year. And the good news is - it felt good. It felt good to be able to separate myself from my work, to go to sleep thinking about television shows instead of internships. When you think about it, it's pretty lame that it took getting that sick to take a break and slow down - it reminds me of the Jessie Spano episode of Saved By The Bell "I'm so excited, I'm so excited" - or the episode of Full House when DJ keeps going to the gym. I'm not overdosing on pills or exercise - just on work.

This isn't something that only happens to young entrepreneurs. In fact, when I had my full-time job I also had this issue. People at all career levels experience lack of time management - lack of relaxation - lack of time to themselves.

So here's to everyone trying to structure their days, work hard, but still find some time to relax. My goal has always been to take at least one day off per week (normally Saturdays) and to stop working at a decent hour each night so that I have some sort of work/life balance. If you're an intern, a employee, or an entrepreneur - always remember, even though you are a hard worker - you also need some time to yourself and some time for friends and family - make sure to always try and balance your time.

As a young person, you might not struggle with this yet. But start thinking about this now - value your time away from work just as much as you do your time at work. I promise this will help your work/life balance in the future.