Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

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Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

This blog is written by Kate, our Campus Ambassador for University of California, Davis. She is a sophomore double majoring in Economics and Chinese.

Cover letters are like your interview speech before the interview. Your cover letter basically addresses the standard interview question “Tell me about yourself”. So use this opportunity and tell the hiring staff about yourself in your own words.

1. Be formal
When writing your cover letter, write in a formal manner. This gives a great first impression about yourself when you write grammar-free and typo-free. Most likely, the job you’re seeking may entail writing, so the hiring staff may be looking for an applicant who can write well as well as who is qualified for the job.

2. Show how you are qualified
Add past experiences and successes when writing about yourself! You can expand on a job listed on your resume by adding what you learned from that job that is applicable to the job you're seeking. Remember, the hiring staff is looking for someone who can contribute. Also, you can write about what you wish to take from the job and how it will benefit your career.

3. Tailor cover letters to the specific job
During job application season, it is quite tempting to just copy and paste your cover letters from one job to another. Please don't! Your cover letter will seem impersonal and may even seem unrelated to that job. Also, remember to look up the correct format of cover letter for the job you are seeking!