Make Your Interviewer Say, “Wow!”

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Make Your Interviewer Say, “Wow!”

This blog was written by Saya, our UCF Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. Do you go to UCF and want to be involved? Comment on this blog post and Saya will be in touch!

The search is over and you have landed an interview with your dream internship! Congrats! Take a breath, but now the challenging part is just about to begin.  From the hypothetical work situations, to highlighting your skills and achievements, and being bombarded with questions about your previous work experience is overwhelming. That’s why preparing for the interview is crucial. Here are a few interview prep tips to make your interviewer say, “wow!”

Back to Basics

Your first impression is just important, if not more important, as your last. Taking the extra time to iron your professional attire is a must – your interviewer will notice. Make sure to look clean-cut and nicely groomed with your hair properly brushed before you enter the interview. Give yourself enough time to check yourself one last time in the restroom before you enter the interview. Don’t apply any cologne or perfume for your interview. You never know if the person will be allergic or have it trigger any unwanted emotions.

Come Prepared

It is always necessary to bring extra copies of your resume. Even if the employer already has a copy of your resume, it will show that you are prepared in case you are being interviewed by more than one individual. Create a portfolio with any previous projects you’ve completed (whether in class or for work), references, and letters of recommendation in a nice, professional folder. This will not only give you an advantage to your competitors, but it will give the interviewer a chance to see your skills first hand and see what you are capable of creating. Of course, you can’t forget a pen and notebook for notes!

Spotlight on You

Then comes the question we all dread being asked, “What are your weaknesses?” Your weakness should be answered as a strength that will benefit the employer. Emphasizing on a weakness that you have overcome over your employment history shows that you do have flaws, like everyone else, and you are still being honest. One of the best responses is incorporating these attributes in personal accomplishments. Take a step back and put yourself into the employer’s shoes. If you were the one doing the hiring, what would you want to hear?

Thank You

Take a breather, the stressful part is over! You have finished the interview, now what? Follow up with your employer and send a hand-written “thank you for your time” card. It shows that you are serious about the job offering and they will admire that you took the time to send one.

Use these tips as a helpful cheat sheet for your next interview and just relax, be yourself and you’ll do great! Good luck!