Making the Most of Community College

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Making the Most of Community College

This guest blog was written by Jade Taylor, a Communication Studies major at the Community College of Philadelphia.

There are many misconceptions of community colleges but in fact, community colleges are similar to your traditional four year colleges and they may offer some of the same opportunities that a traditional four year institution does. Although your local community college may not have all of the same activities such as sororities and fraternities, sports, internships, clubs and organizations, opportunities are still available for you elsewhere. There are plenty of ways you can participate in similar activities to those your friends at a four-year school are.


Internships are a great way to gain experience and knowledge in a field you are interested in and also a great way to network. Some companies offer college credit in exchange of your time interning but if needed, you can always reach out to them and ask if you could still intern without having to receive credit. If you aren't able to get information on different internship opportunities from your school, don’t be afraid to embark on your own search. Start your search at right here at!

I spent my summer interning at a social media and marketing firm in Philadelphia. I've gained sufficient knowledge and met great people during my time interning. For some businesses, getting college credit for your time is not mandatory. If you find an internship you're interested in, don't be afraid to contact them. Opportunities are out there for you, you just have to go for it.


In high school, I played field hockey. Recently, I decided that I wanted to get back onto the field and play again. Since my school does not offer field hockey, I decided to search for an outside team. During my search, I found several teams in my area and I contacted the directors of the teams. One director responded to me and told me that the club she directs is a youth club, which includes girls from grades 1-8. Since I wasn't able to play for that club for obvious reasons, she offered for me to be an assistant coach.

Although I'm not playing field hockey right now, it’s great to be apart of it as a coach. Seeing my girls play makes me want to play even more and now that I know who to talk to about playing, I will definitely be joining a club next year.

Study Abroad

My school offers several week- long study abroad opportunities. Although I haven't had the chance to participate in one, I have plans to next semester. Traditional four- year univerisities offer their students to study abroad for months, sometimes for a semester at a time. Did you know that there are some four year schools that offer study abroad programs to students who may not even attend the school?

A local university in Philadelphia, Temple University, has a program for undergraduate and graduate, Temple and non-Temple students that are interested in studying abroad called Study Away. I learned about this program last semester and thought it was really cool. They offer several domestic and international locations to suit someone’s personal as well as educational interests. If you want to know more information on similar programs at other universities, contact the school’s director of the study abroad program.