Making the Most of Your Summer

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Making the Most of Your Summer

This is a guest blog written by SUNY Plattsburgh Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Alyssa.

Yes, everyone is super excited for the spring semester end and for several to graduate and enter into the job market. We have to remember that it&s the perfect time to prepare for a fall internship, stay in touch with those in our networks, and keeping our resumes up to date. Even though you may not have scored an internship this summer maybe you can find a local organization or company who is willing to let you shadow them for a day to see what it&s like to work there for a day. You could also volunteer your time for a great organization or cause, it&s a great resume builder and it looks really good.

As far as my summer plans I am currently going to take two online classes to stay ahead with school. Unfortunately as of now I have not been able to get an internship so I am going to keep applying and hope something comes up. Until then my plan is to work and hope to hear back from a company soon in regards to an internship.

Lastly, relax and enjoy your summer to the fullest doing something you love to do!