Making Opportunites in the Middle of Nowhere

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Making Opportunites in the Middle of Nowhere

There are 50 states in the United States of America and every single state has a small town inside it that can be difficult to find professional work experience in. Luckily no matter where you are, there are several ways to find work experience in every place you may live. Here are a few tips!

1. Know specifically what kind of experience you want
Find out what industry you want to work in. Are you interested in fashion, journalism, politics, medical fields, etc. Once you have an understanding of what you want to do, you can move forward in finding experience in that field.

2. Use your resources
There are search engines such as Google or Yahoo, that can help you search for local opportunities in your specific field in every area. Search for volunteer opportunities, internships, help with programs, etc. that have to do with your field.

3. Walk around your community
Whether you go to a university or just live in a small town, observe your town and see if there are any opportunities in stores or through organizations that might need your help.

4. Create your own experience
Use your creativity and create a club on campus (through a university) with your skills that are relative to what you want to do. Find a club or organization that may need help in that department and offer your support in that area.

5. Get creative
Use your creative ways to create an opportunity for yourself. No matter where you are, you can use your mind to think of ways to incorporate your ideas into a community around you without making a business.

Remember, you hold the key to your own future success and if you know what you want to get experience in, no one is stopping you. Use your abilities to make your hopeful ambitions come true. Everywhere you go, you can find a way to help yourself obtain experience. Don’t let the fear of a small town get the best of you and understand that there are always ways to get experience.

This blog post was written by Teresa Altonaga, our Campus Ambassador from University of Arizona-Tucson.