Making Your LinkedIn Resume Just as Great as Your Paper Resume!

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Making Your LinkedIn Resume Just as Great as Your Paper Resume! blog image

Making Your LinkedIn Resume Just as Great as Your Paper Resume!

Bianca is a senior music business and marketing student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She's passionate about digital marketing and is spending the Summer interning in New York City. Follow Bianca on Twitter: @biancaeortega.

If you’re going to utilize LinkedIn as a professional tool, you need to treat it just like you would your resume and make sure it is complete and something you would show to an employer.

Because it is online, there are a variety of cool features that LinkedIn offers to make your online profile even better and more functional for your connections and potential employers. I’ve included a few recommendations as to how you can improve your LinkedIn profile.

#1 – Include all your job information found on your resume.
If anything, LinkedIn should be a place where you can go a little more in-depth and provide more details about each of your positions, but you should always update your LinkedIn profile every time you update your resume. It’s going to look confusing to employers if you only have certain recent jobs listed on your LinkedIn profile but not on your resume. Obviously you cannot fit every job on your resume, but it’s important that those jobs on your resume are also on your LinkedIn profile.

#2 – Utilize the Publications Feature
If you’re a writer or blogger, this is a great way to add a portfolio component to your LinkedIn profile. Include links to all of your works, and this will provide employers and LinkedIn connections with an opportunity to learn more about you as a writer and also allows them to easily visit the sites on which you have a professional online presence.

#3 – Manage Your Group Visibility
Groups are a great way to find connections and communicate with people in your industry, but when you join a bunch of them, it’s distracting to have all of the icons displayed on your LinkedIn profile. Luckily, you have the option to hide which groups are displayed on your profile, so I would recommend only displaying official groups such as your school’s honor society, a national club, etc. Display any request-only clubs that would verify your membership to your school, company, etc.

#4 – Recommend and Get Recommended
The recommendation tool is a great way to have professionals speak on your behalf and then have that recommendation included on your profile for all to see. When you finish your internship and are having your boss write you a recommendation letter, ask them to give you a LinkedIn recommendation as well, because the recommendation tool is a great way to have someone speak to your skills and performance as a whole, so future employers can look at your profile and see that you’re an overall strong and professional individual.