Managing your School and Internship

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Managing your School and Internship

This is a guest post from campus ambassador Paola Reyes from University of Texas at Austin.

As a college student, time seems to pass by faster than ever, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by how much work I have to do and how little time I have on my hands. Adding an extra weight such as an internship makes things even more complicated sometimes. Below are some helpful tips that I have found useful to help me spend my time more wisely with school work and chores.

1. The Study Buddy

    Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are three social media websites that nobody should miss out on, but at times you end up spending more time on them than you initially planned. Sometimes you can even find yourself switching your concentration from your homework to Facebook and this is never effective. One thing I find useful is to have a friend or classmate study at the same time as me, that way there is less temptation to distract myself on something else. If this doesn&t work other effective study buddies are some of the self control apps on the internet that you can download for free to block these websites while you do your homework.

2. Make a Schedule

Plan your days ahead of time! Make a check list of the things you have to do the day before then do one thing at a time the next day and check them off as you go. This will keep you oriented on a certain chore instead of doing a little bit of everything as the day goes along. A calendar is also very useful when making a schedule of what you need to do during the month, you could color code it according to how urgent it is for example red for urgent, green for recreational, and blue for daily activities.

3. Set your Goals

Know what you want and reach for it. Setting a goal is very important because that way you always have in the back of your mind where you want to be.          Acknowledging what your goals are will help you prioritize and distinguish what is important to your career and what isn&t.

Always keep in mind that school is just as important as your internship and you should balance both of them equally. College life is fun and at the same time stressful and you should be able to get the best out of both worlds. These tips are just the basics of many things you can do to manage your time, do whatever works for you and always have motivation!