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Managing Your Suntime

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Madison Elliott.

Alas, sun-worshipping season is upon us! We’ve all been working hard on our beach bodies trying to shed the excess winter layers we put on over the holiday, and now its time to show off that hard work. But before you do a full-on Baywatch sprint into the ocean, there are some important facts you need to know about the sun and its dangers. Skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers in America and is affecting people of all ages, not just the sun goddesses! Everyone wants a tan, but no one wants the wrinkles that come along with it 30 years later. Here are tips on how to manage your time in the sun without getting burnt and wrinkly, and still have fun:
-Just as you would set an alarm for class, set a reminder for every two hours to reapply sunscreen. Doesn’t matter if your SPF is 25 or 75, no sunscreen lasts longer than two hours.
- Alternate between a hat and sunglasses throughout the day, Your face wont burn and you wont get those yucky sunglass tan-lines. The skin on your chest and face is the most sensitive, so its okay if your face isn’t as tan as the rest of your body, that’s why bronzer was invented!
-Rotate every 40 minutes between your stomach and your back to make sure you're getting an even tan. Overexposure to one side of the body could cause a burn!
-Re-apply after you’ve gone swimming! Don’t give yourself brownie points for putting on sunscreen before you went outside, it’s probably washed off after swimming, and now you're super exposed to the Sun's deadly rays!
- Keep Hydrated! Why do you think you’re always so tired after a day in the sun? Probably because you weren’t drinking enough water! Try to drink two or three water bottles.
Although we’ve all heard it from our mothers, I’ll say it again, being tan is not the end all be all. As young adults we need to take care of our skin, it is the largest organ in the body after all. Every sunburn you get raises your chances of getting skin cancer by at least 10%, sometimes more depending on the seriousness of the burn. Good, healthy, long-term management of our bodies starts when were young, so take these preventative measures. Managing your time in the sun could save you some wrinkles and even save your life.

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