Managing Your Time In 2013

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Managing Your Time In 2013

This blog post was written by AnnMarie Williams, our Campus Ambassador from California State University, Long Beach.

The New Year is here, and it is a perfect time to get organized. Organizing and managing your time is just as important as leaving your house put-together. Here are a few tips for managing your time this upcoming year.

1. Start With a Planner: I prefer an actual agenda I can write in opposed to a virtual calendar. Lily Pulitzer and May Books have adorable planners that aren’t too expensive.

2. Write in Recurring Obligations: I like to get colored pens and use one color for my internship, one color for sorority events and another color for school obligations. I first write in all of my internship days and then write in my sorority’s events as soon as I get the calendar. This will help in planning ahead.

3. Write in Assignments: Once school starts and I get all of my syllabi I write in all of my assignment due dates in a different color. Seeing that color in my planner helps me to realize I need to get an important assignment done before I can go do something fun.

4. Make Lists: I find making lists very helpful as well as rewarding. I buy fun to do list sheets in the dollar bargain sections at different stores in my area. They are divided into seven days and I write in everything I need to get done each day. Crossing them off makes me feel like I have truly accomplished something. My planner has a pocket inside the front cover where I keep my weekly list.

5. Commit: Once you have committed to something stick with it. I used to find myself stressing out if I had multiple opportunities that occurred at the same time. I have found that if you stick with your first obligation you will have better peace of mind as well as better credibility among your peers and supervisors.

I hope these tips helped you start planning how you’re going to manage your time this year.

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