Marketing Tips for your Company's Twitter Account

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Marketing Tips for your Company's Twitter Account

This blog was written by Jeanette our campus ambassador from Arizona State University. If you go to ASU, and want to blog for us, please comment on this blog!

Interning for a PR firm? Well you might be in charge of their social media. If so, it is important to share content, to reach out to followers and to expand your followers. Follow these five marketing tips and use Twitter to its advantage!

Promote company deals and specials - If your business has special offers, tweet about them! Having a large group of followers can help business and when followers retweet, it’s even better. Not only will your amount of followers practically double, the company name will be expanded.

Tweet live from conferences - Is your company participating in a conference? Tweet live about what is happening and then hashtag the #ConferenceName. Followers are then able to click on the hashtag and then all tweets with matching conference hashtags will appear. Therefore, followers are able to read about what&s happening from multiple people!

Share blogs and company related stories – Sharing blogs with a large audience is easy with Twitter. Type the url into Twitter’s “What’s happening?” text box and your followers will have easy access to the blogs. If your followers enjoy them, maybe they’ll retweet them! Also, diversity is important with Twitter in order to keep your tweets interesting. Retweet clients tweets, events happening around your city, etc.

Monitor your Twitter account - Some Twitter accounts represent a particular individual and some accounts represent an entire company. This is usually maintained by a public relations or marketing representative. Regardless, follow your tweets and make sure they are brand to your company. Also, followers may tweet at you with questions regarding your company. Be sure to reply back with helpful, informative advice to maintain solid consumer relations.

Expand your network - Do some research and look at the types of companies or individuals that your followers follow. Most likely, they are similar to you or your company. If not, Twitter has a simple to use “Who to follow” link on your homepage. By following similar accounts, you are able to not only connect with others but you can learn how they market their brand.