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Marketing Yourself

This blog is written by our new Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Laura, from Clemson University. If you attend Clemson and want to blog for Intern Queen please comment here!

For those of you that are marketing majors or have taken a marketing class, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Four P’s of Marketing: price, product, promotion and place. I recently completed a project for my marketing class requiring us to apply the 4 P’s of marketing to a job search. We had to come up with a marketing strategy for marketing ourselves. I found this project really helpful and wanted to share a few things to think about when looking for a job.

  • Product: You are the product in this situation. How are you going to make “product improvements” or position yourself in relation to others?
  • Promotion: How do you stand out amongst others interviewing for the job? How are you going to show the interviewer you are different from the rest? What do you have to offer them?
  • Place: Where do you want to work? This not only includes the company, but the location where you are searching for jobs.
  • Price: What salary will you command and why? When you are searching for an internship, your salary demands will obviously be much different than when you are searching for a full-time job. is a great resource to find out what professionals in your field are making.

Good luck coming up with your strategy!