Meet Our Newest High School Ambassador

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Meet Our Newest High School Ambassador

Welcome Marina, a soon to be senior at Academy of Holy Angels in NJ.

This summer I will spend
two weeks in Spain to become fluent in Spanish (I’m already fluent in
English, Greek, & French), then I’ll spend several weeks in Greece, and
lastly I will have an internship at the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce
in New York City. I want to be successful. When I graduate college I hope to
be in charge of an international business of a major fashion house. This job
entails travelling to the stores of the fashion house in different countries
and securing that the business is going well and all the proper ethics are
followed  for the country it is located. It is for this job that I have
chosen to become fluent in so many languages. This is why I have taken a
course at Boston University in Journalism and Marketing. I have also taken a
course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in advertisement. Being in such
close proximity to the city is such an advantage, there is always something
going on for me. Whether it’s a presentation at the Learning Annex by Marie
Claire’s editor in chief, like the one I attended last fall or working
backstage at New York Fashion Week, like I did for Vassilios Kostetsos in his
Fall 2010 show. In this day and age to get to the top education, connections, and
experiences are your only way. Thus I take any opportunity even if it
doesn’t have any direct link to my dream job, you never know. While doing
all of these opportunities I’m also attending high school at one of New
Jersey’s most rigorous all girls private schools, I’m captain of the
Varsity soccer team, I’m treasurer for Habitat for Humanity, I’m event
coordinator for Angels over Africa, I’m an Angel Ambassador (recognized
representative of my school), I’m a loving daughter, I’m a teenage girl
trying to have fun, and now I&m a Intern Queen High School Ambassador.

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