Meet Your New Best Friend: Your Planner

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Meet Your New Best Friend: Your Planner

This blog is written by Jenn Magnusson, our campus ambassador from Arizona State University, West Campus!

Being a senior in college this year entails a busy semester. However, if you’re like me and have a million things to do, a planner is truly your best friend. Time management is a skill that can really make your life a whole lot easier. Have you ever gone to class and found out at that moment that you had a major assignment due? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Let your planner be your brain!

Yes, it does take time to write in a planner but ultimately this will save you a headache at the end. I get asked all the time “when are you free”, “what days work best with your schedule” and instead of blabbing off a date that I may not even be free, I just open up my planner.

Here are some planning tips:

  • Buy a planner that has lots of writing space, but ultimately catches your eye. My planner is black and white with a pretty design all over it which makes me want to carry it around!
  • Include the following in your planner; Internship times, work times, assignment due dates, test/quiz dates, birthdays and any special events (social gatherings, football games) …etc
  • Make it a habit to update your planner! As soon as your teacher tells you a due date, write it down.
  • Color coordination of different subjects/events can be a fun, yet an artistic way to keep yourself happy about updating your planner.

If you’re not a fan of writing in a planner, use a virtual one! I know Gmail has a great one that I have used in the past, and it’s great because you can set reminders to pop up at times. I wish you all the best with your time management skills.

If you do use a virtual planner besides Gmail, please comment below with what program you use. Happy planning!