Mention Social Networking in Job/Internship Interviews

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Mention Social Networking in Job/Internship Interviews

Mention Social Networking in Internship or Job Interviews

5 02 2009

INTERN QUEEN KEY: Bring up social networking in Your Interview. You also might want to look at the company website and talk about the different ways they can expand via social media. Mention reaching different groups of people, getting the name out there, establishing a direct connection with their audience, adding content, etc. You are a pair of fresh eyes - take advantage of this and be creative. This sense of creativity is what many companies will want you to bring to the table. You are exposed to different trends, ideas, styles, companies on a daily basis - speak about any of these that might interest you and may be relevant to the company.


Gen Y has a clear advantage at this time in the workplace. They usually have a clear understanding of the way social media works, the way Facebook, MySpace, Twitter work. Gen Y wants information and they want it fast. They want it now. They have established “quick response” as a normal practice in their personal lives. They send texts, instant messages, tweets, update their facebook status, and surf the net all in matters of seconds. They hold the key to fully transform this high-tech personal lifestyle into a professional lifestyle.

When students interview for jobs/internships they should 100 percent bring up their social media capabilities. It’s not a case of bragging about all of their profiles and the amount of time they spend online. It’s a matter of knowing how to set up. control, and get feedback from these sites. Thousands of companies are still not online and haven’t expanding into blogging, social networks, etc.

Here is what my friend’s on Twitter had to say about GEN Y/Interviews:

Gen Y: brings question. As in…”why does this matter? why are we doing this?”  @JMegonigal, Editor,

” Use of new media, spot new trends, understand existing trends, apart of different speech communities that gen Xers are not.” @karlasteventson.

‘Gen Y should have the ability to “mine” information from different sources (web, personal communication etc).” @JillianReading,

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