Midterms Got Your Tongue?

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Midterms Got Your Tongue?

This blog was written by Madison Elliott, our new campus ambassador from Quinnipiac University.

Yes, it is just about that time of the semester when we find ourselves sleeping in library chairs, drooling with our mouths open, with our Facebook newsfeeds filled with photos of other students’ faces planted in the middle of a library with their heads buried in 4 pound textbooks. That’s right, it’s midterms week.

The projects, tests, papers, and presentations all crammed into a one-week span can most likely be held accountable for early aging from all the stress. So how can college students manage their time, get enough sleep, stay healthy, get the grade they desire and do it all without losing their minds? Well, no one ever said it was going to be easy, but it is definitely possible.

First, it is very important to manage your study time, but also manage some study breaks too! Every student needs a study break. Psychology studies have shown that when studying for something over long periods of time, the brain is more likely to store the information in long term memory if it is given time to retain it. Completely removing yourself from studying for just 30 minutes can relieve stress and keep you from getting depressed. Let’s be honest, staring at a brick wall in a library all day isn’t releasing any endorphins. Taking a break also gives you time to interact with something other than an inanimate object like a pencil and calculator.

Second, get some sleep! I know you’ve probably heard your parents tell you a million times, but it’s true, you need sleep! Your brain is a well-equipped machine, but if you leave any machine running for too long it eventually won’t work as well. The brain uses sleep to put short term memory and store it into long term memory, so if you aren’t getting enough hours of sleep, then your brain can’t rejuvenate itself and it wont be able to work as effectively. So count some sheep and catch those Zs.

Third, stay on top of your health. During midterms week, the only thing on your mind is getting an A, and you’ll do what ever it takes to get it. However, sometimes you need to step back and smell the coffee. That’s right, coffee. Most students stay up late studying and overdose on highly caffeinated coffee that has them wired for weeks after midterms are over. There are many health benefits to drinking coffee, but be careful of those negative side effects, like stomach aches, sleepy crashes, and possible headaches from withdrawal after you’ve become addicted. Also, drink plenty of water! It sounds repetitive, but at least 80 ounces of water a day can help reduce stress hormones, and during midterms week, we need all the stress reduces we can get!

So stay on top of your health, reward yourself with a break, and get some sleep! Good luck and happy study trails!

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