Minneapolis Intern Must-Haves

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Minneapolis Intern Must-Haves

Today&s guest blog post is from one of my current campus ambassadors, Emily. Emily is a student at the University of Minnesota!


1. Shops at West End- In St. Louis Park, right outside of Minneapolis, there a multitude of shows. They range from every price range. And they aren’t your every day mall stores.

2. Mall of America- Of course, in Minnesota, that is the first thing to do. It has a theme park, movie theater, over 500 shops. And it’s only a 10-minute drive from the city


1. First Ave- This legendary venue is where Prince first got his start. If you’re going to catch a show or two, make sure one is at this venue.

2. Lake Calhoun- Minnesota is the land of lakes, and this one is Minneapolis is perfect to go to. You can walk, jog, rollerblade around it. Or you can just relax have fun, maybe a picnic

3. Target Field- One of the newest sports stadiums in the country, the views of the Minneapolis skyline, this is defiantly a place to check out when the season is going on. Oh and it’s also one of the most vegetarian friendly stadiums in baseball!


1. 5-8 Club- Started the Juicy Lucy.  Kind of a hole-in-the-wall place. Very friendly wait staff. And most of all, one of the most amazing burgers you will eat.

2. Stephano’s- Italian restaurant. Owner is from Tuscany region of Italy. Try the homemade Tiramisu, about as authentic as you can get. Best Italian food I’ve had in the Twin-Cities.