The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations

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The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations

This post is written by one of my campus ambassadors, Marysa. Marysa is a junior at California State University in Long Beach, majoring in communication studies.

I’ve found a book that will save your life! It’s called, "The Modern Girl&s Guide to Sticky Situations" by Jane Buckingham.  Just as the cover shows, this book has the solutions to a botched eyebrow wax, a broken stiletto heel, a text that needs to be taken back, and where to splurge and save on the best clothing possible.  There are ten separate sections of the book which include; Love, Weddings, Home, Your Family, Parties, Beauty/Fashion/Shopping, Dollars, Work, On-The- Go and Icky Situations.  Let me tell you, it is 337 pages of pure genius.  I keep this book on my nightstand and the first night after I bought it, I sat down on the couch with it and literally read (almost) every single page.  I had no idea that if I had a run in my tights, I could spritz some hairspray on the area to keep it from spreading or use a dab of hand lotion to tame annoying frizzies.

The reason I felt that I needed to share this book with all of you is because of the many tips that can help an intern or college student in general.  Imagine the situations you can be put in when dealing with a not-so-nice boss, or a rude coworker, or forgetting your de-frizzing spray this morning before your weekly touch base and your hair is looking borderline like a lions mane.  When you are in need of a quick fix, whether you are at a party, work, or dealing with a tough relationship, this book has the answers any "Modern Girl" will need and trust me, it is worth your penny!

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