Mom Says Time To Exercise!

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Mom Says Time To Exercise!

Everyone knows I speak to my mother several times per day. Yesterday, I was chatting with my mom and updating her on projects and she said, "Laur, there's one more thing you need to add into your life."

I knew she was about to say something annoying. "You need to start working out," she said. Of course, my automatic response was, "why am I fat?" And she replied with, "no but it's just something you need to do."

I didn't argue back to much. I knew she was right. But it's not THAT easy. I'm juggling my business, speaking tour, the Intern Queen team, studying for the GMATS, and working on a second book proposal for my editor. WHEN am I supposed to find time to workout?

I'm really big on being proactive and putting plans into motion. Let's make a deal. If I find time to workout 3 days next week, will you?