More of My New Years Resolutions

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More of My New Years Resolutions

Yesterday, I blogged about some of my new years resolutions. As a young business owner, I have a few resolutions that you can actually take away from and apply to college are a few:

1. Spend time on revenue generating activities. As 'The Intern Queen' - my job is my passion. That being said, it's very easy to spend time on things I enjoy that don't necessarily generate revenue. For 2013, I want to match up my revenue to my time. I made a list of all the different ways IQ does make money and made sure I spend that percentage of my day on that topic. For example, if we make 40% of our income on advertising, I'm going to spend 40% of my day on advertising. Make sense?

2. Organize my Organizers. I know this sounds silly, but I'm obsessed with notebooks, planners, and to-do lists. However, because I love them so much, I often have too many to-do lists everywhere and I forget about them and which notebooks they are in. My goal for 2013 is to actually cross off things in my notebooks and go back into my old planners and make sure I finished everything I wrote down and then actually throw them away. It doesn't help to have 20 notebooks full of notes on your desk. I can't see what's important and what's not important.

3. Get Dressed For Work. I have a home office and it's very easy - sometimes even enjoyable - to keep on my PJ pants all day long. In fact, sometimes I'll start at 6am and work until 9pm and realize I'm still in my PJ pants. If I really want this "entrepreneur" lifestyle for myself, I need to start getting dressed, walking outside, and actually having a life :) Every morning, I'm making myself get dressed for work! Not to mention, I love to shop, so I end up buying clothes and never wearing them if I don't get dressed Monday - Friday. My goal is to get fully dressed every day (even when I have nowhere to be) and on Fridays let myself wear workout clothes. It sounds silly but it's a big goal for 2013. Do you find yourself doing this when it comes to "getting ready for class?"

4. Stick to Personal Deadlines. Since I have to run the business all day, I rarely have time for bigger projects during business hours (9-5). Projects like writing books, scripts, or larger research projects have to be done at night or on the weekends. In 2012, I was frustrated with my lack of meeting my own personal goals. I would say a project needs to be done by Wednesday (when you are your own boss, you set your own deadlines usually) and then I just wouldn't do it. I need to take myself more seriously and meet the deadlines I set for myself.

5. Blogging More For You All on My Site. I do blog for everyone - it's true - and it's addicting. When people ask you to blog for them, it's easy to say yes, in hopes that you attract an entirely new audience and get your voice heard by even more people. However, you forget the importance of blogging for your own community and your own site. In 2013, I want to blog here (my home) for you all even more. I know I'm no longer an intern, but I still think you can all take things away from my adventures as a young entrepreneur and someone who still tries to "put herself out there" each day.

6. Working out 4 times per week. It's funny how workout goals happen year after year and we rarely stick to them. However, I do notice an increase in my mood and attitude when I have a steady workout plan. I also feel more confident. I'm much likely to wear the "sleeveless top" if I'm in a workout phase. My goal this year with working out is to work out 4 times per week and if I'm traveling, plan ahead so that I know how and when I'll get my workouts in. Because I travel so much, it's really hard to be consistent with a workout plan. But in 2013 - it's all going to change! And I started last night by hitting the gym!

7. Eating More Meals at Home. Just like in college, I've started eating out all of the time. Not only does this waste money, but it's not healthy or good for your body. I did a big grocery shop the other day and stocked my fridge with as many colored veggies, fruits, soups, and dinner choices as possible. In 2013, I'm going to make myself more food than I purchase when I'm out. When I travel, I pretty much HAVE to eat out, so I need to control it when I'm home.

8. Focus on The Impression I Leave With Others. When you are in HS & College, you focus a lot on what others think of you. I think you reach a point after college where you don't care anymore. You have to be confident in who you are and what you're about. Especially when you run your own business and it's heavily criticized, you develop a thick skin and start to really not care what others think. I've decided that I'll stay strong and self-confident BUT I do what to think a bit more about how others think of me and how I come across to people. I want to make sure that people feel comfortable with me and like I'm always prepared and listening. We all have our own ways of listening and coming across prepared but the other person doesn't always know that. Sometimes, something as small as having a pen and paper at a meeting can make another person feed valued. I'm starting to ramble, but this is something I'm thinking about more in 2013.