More Summer Internships!

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More Summer Internships!

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! Last week we shared a list of early bird Summer internships. This week we wanted to do a quick blog where we just add to the list! Companies are continuing to post Summer opportunities on the site and it is the perfect time to start applying for all these amazing opportunities. Make sure you customize your materials and send me a tweet with the name of the company you apply for. :)

Marketing & Research internship at The Guild Agency 

Beauty/Fashion internship at Ricebunny (Michelle Phan’s Company)

Fashion Closet internship at O Magazine

E-Commerce internship at The Zoe Report

Marketing/PR internship at Venture for America

Photography, Videography, Advertising internship at Tote Magazine 

PR internship at Katz PR 

Advertising internship at Boston Magazine (Deadline to apply is March 15th) 

Marketing internship at Boston Magazine (Deadline to apply is March 15th) 

The Global Internship Program at City Internships 

Fashion internship at The A List 

TV & Film Development Internship at Overbrook Entertainment 

Photography, Videography, Advertising Internships at Tote Magazine 

Social Media, Editorial, Graphic Design Internships at Tote Magazine

Coding & Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Internship at CRCC Asia

Internship Program in China with CRCC Asia

Social media Internship at Pink Cilantro 

Graphic Design Internship at Pink Cilantro 

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Photo by Anna McNaught.