Morning vs. Evening Classes: Researching your professors and organizing your schedule

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Morning vs. Evening Classes: Researching your professors and organizing your schedule

Today&s guest blog post is from one of my current campus ambassadors, Vanessa Moreno. Vanessa is currently a sophomore at San Diego Mesa College, majoring in international studies.

Whether it’s your first time in college and you are managing your schedule for the first time or you already are in college but can’t ever seem to get a handle on your classes I encourage you to keep reading. This blog will help you figure out what kind of schedule you should follow so that you can enjoy school and whatever else you like without unnecessary stress. Is there always something wrong with your schedule? Like for example, do you either have too much time to spare between classes that when it’s finally time for your next class you are already dozing off? Or do you end up having protein bars for dinner or lunch between classes because you have to get to the other end of campus in ten minutes? Whatever the case believe me I’ve been there and I’ve learned from it. The last couple of semesters have been a breeze because of my experience (schedule-wise at least). The next portion of this blog will be one of self-examination. Be honest with yourself and I hope to share some of these useful facts with you. Now ask yourself:

1. Are you a morning person? Can you get up early enough to get ready and get to class in a regular basis without anybody else (no more moms in college) waking you up? If you had to convince yourself that you can, don’t kid yourself. Maybe afternoon or evening classes are more your thing. Hey that’s not a bad thing. If it’s too much of a change for you I would suggest looking for classes that start around 10AM or noon. Don’t even consider classes that start at 7AM if they are not going to work for you or vice versa.

2. How important are your GEs (General Education Classes) for you? Do you love to learn and think every class counts or do you just want to get it over with and get to the good stuff: classes relevant to your major.  Regardless you want a good GPA. Usually you have to pick a bunch of these classes so do your research and pick ones that you will enjoy. Don’t choose your electives just because their title sounds interesting. Really research what the class will be about, don’t sign up for a Philosophy class if you are easily hurt by anti-religious remarks (professors will do this a lot in college) or to a Marine Biology class if you are allergic to fish (true story!).

3. Hate your History professor? Yeah me too. You probably already know about but do you know how to use it? Once I read the reviews for one particular teacher and thought “How bad can he really be?” The answer: as bad as the reviewers claimed. Don’t suffer through a whole term of tyranny if you don’t have to. If every single review is negative in some way there is a reason for it. Some people just aren’t meant to be teachers. Of course, it goes both ways, resentful students post bad reviews for teachers that are actually great. The trick lies in identifying what kind of professor he or she will be to you. Try looking for reviewers that express themselves similarly to you. That way you will find the right fit and spend the rest of the year loving your teacher even though a few people can’t stand him.

And finally, apart from arriving early to get a good parking spot and exercising regularly to have more energy for school that is all for today. Class dismissed.