MS Office - A Must Know

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MS Office - A Must Know

This blog was written by Jenn our campus ambassador from ASU. If you go to ASU as well and want to blog for us, please comment below!

We live in a computer based world. The importance of how to use Microsoft Office software products are going to be very valuable whether you’re in an internship or any type of job. Microsoft word, excel, power point, and publisher are the major 4 I constantly rely on. Having knowledge of those software products are a necessity. The bonus? Include your knowledge of these, and any other software products that you know on your resume! According to Forrester Research, some version of Microsoft Office is used in 80% of enterprises - fun fact, right? Thanks, Wikipedia. So I’ve included some tips of each of the four products I use all the time to help you in your future school, work or internship endeavors.

  • Word is a great for writing up simple notes, putting together brochures, or typing up client information. Most jobs or internships will let you know which software they prefer you use. “Tab” is my biggest secret for typing up quick notes when taking quick pointers. Smart art is another option on word that is great for grouping together various notes.
  • Excel I have found is really necessary for my job, and I constantly learn new aspects of this software. The biggest feature I find useful is how many types of charts they have. You enter data, pick the type of chart that compares best for you, and bam… you have statistics done, and it looks very presentable.
  • Power point is amazing for presentations! It’s that simple, power point is my favorite, although I haven’t had to use it a whole lot in the professional world. This software allows you to be creative, but also able to present essential information for companies. If you have power point 2010, I really enjoy the “design” tab for creating your presentations.
  • Last but not least, Publisher. Publisher can be a huge benefit to you in so many ways. For starters, you can make business cards on there, which is great to hand out to clients, or previous employers to keep your information. I really like making my own custom calendars to keep track of school work, internship deadlines, etc.
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