Must-Read Blogs for Every Intern

Daily inspiration and advice for the ambitious savvy young professional

Must-Read Blogs for Every Intern

This blog is written by Lacey, our campus ambassador from Minnesota State University, Moorhead!

I spend the majority of my day online via a computer or my phone... so it&s important that I push through all of the noise and stick to a few good (and slightly educational... sometimes) blogs that keep me sane. Here&s my list of blogs you should check out when you&re surfin& the &net!

Blogs you MUST check out if you haven’t yet: — Obviously, if you’re reading this right now, you’ve checked out Intern Queen and are probably obsessed with it just like I am. There are SO many tips for finding your perfect internship—including resume tips, cover letters, networking, and a whole database of places to apply! Win! — Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker that gives adaptable advice to anyone working in a business-related field, such as marketing, advertising, or public relations. Basically everything he says is genius, but here’s a link to one of my faves, “The paradox of expectations” — This is for all of you PR kids out there… tons of relevant information about social media, crisis communications, marketing, media relations, writing, editing and the like. I swear, you’ll get 5 times smarter reading this everyday. — Thought Catalog is an online magazine for people passionate about culture. In fact, it’s totally random topics that you wouldn’t find covered anywhere else. They say that, “Reading Thought Catalog will probably make you more interesting. You’re going to find out about stuff here you won’t see in the mainstream media. Thought Catalog will open new perspectives,” and it’s totally true. — Ok, ok. I’ll admit it, I unabashedly love celebrity gossip blogs, but I read Perez Hilton’s blog most because of his witty comments. Plus, he supports a lot of great causes and charities.

Honorable mentions: — Great blog for 20-something professional women. — So pretty to look at! — I feel like I read all my news here. — Obscure news and gossip website.

Now, these are just some of the blogs I check daily. What are your favorite blogs? Share them with me!