Must Reads: Book List for Interns!

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Must Reads: Book List for Interns!

This is an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador post from Kate who attends University of California - Davis.

This summer, aside from my internship and classes, I have been volunteering at the local library.  While sorting books and shelving holds, I have been looking through thousands of books, DVDs and magazines!  Your local library is a wonderful resource for not only academic purposes, but also for internships and hobbies!  I would borrow a few books at a time and read them in my spare time, because of that, I learned so many interesting job related tips and fun crafts.  Recently Iridescent posted a list of 13 books as the required reading for first years in their company, I find many books useful for any industry! The link is HERE.
Below is a list of books I read, useful for internships and jobs!

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 - I’m not 20 yet, but the title really caught my attention, and I’m glad I read this before I’m 20.  This book contains a Stanford professor’s experience on her classes and entrepreneurship.  I love how college students in her book are innovative with the limited resources they have.  The students had a group project which they only had $5 and generated a $600 profit after a weekend. It really shows how little resources can make a big impact with the presence of effort and teamwork.

Me 2.0 - As students, we are still figuring how we fit in the world.  This book covers everything one may need to know about personal branding.  It never hurts to start early!  You will learn strategies that will prompt employers to remember your name, know what you do, and benefit your career!

I’m Feeling Lucky - Marketing can be seen everywhere, from one corner of the street to the other, this book is from a former Googler’s standpoint of Google’s early marketing days.  The Google founders had a unique approach to marketing, which definitely made the company stand out in cyberspace.  They had a clear marketing vision, starting off with text ads and then generating buzz through other unconventional methods.  It really got me thinking about

Lauren Conrad Style - Style tips from LC herself!  I have been an avid fan of Lauren since her Laguna Beach days and she has spilled her fashionable secrets as she also reveals her wardrobe and essential work pieces.  I found her beauty tips and hair styles very helpful for any interview or internship!

Cake Pops - Have you heard of cake pops? They are easy to make treats for any office.  Cake pops can be decorated according to occasion.  It can also be a fun bonding event for all interns.  These cute cake pops can bring smiles to brighten up any day!