My 5 Biggest Frustrations With Students Applying to Internships

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My 5 Biggest Frustrations With Students Applying to Internships blog image

My 5 Biggest Frustrations With Students Applying to Internships

For this blog, I think the title says it all. Students, I want to help you but sometimes you make it hard for me to help. Here are 5 ways you are making it hard for me to help you land the internship of your dreams. Remember, this is coming through as tough love from your biggest fan. I want you to succeed! Here we go:

1. Include a cover letter. Are you following up on SnapChat @InternQueen? If you were, you’d know that this is a frustration of mine on a weekly basis. If I’m in the backend of Intern Queen and see a great resume with no cover letter, I’m hesitant. How come you didn’t send a cover letter? And what happens if I see your resume because you’ve applied for 10 other internships? How can I help you? Who should I tell to hire you? Help me, help you! Include a cover letter so that I know you are serious about the position and you’ve put some thought into it.

2. Be Careful About Applying For Multiple Cities. Again, if you are applying to intern at different companies across the US, you have to tell me that you can get there in your cover letter. If I see that you’ve applied for opportunities in LA and NYC, it tells me you are undecided about where you want to be over the summer. I’m hesitant to tell an employer in NYC to call you because I don’t know if you are serious about being there for the summer. Make sure you call this out in every single cover letter and explain your ability to relocate.

3. Graduating But Wanting An Internship. If you are about to graduate but still want to intern post-graduation, tell me that (you guessed it – in the cover letter). Again, if you are graduating, I’m confused. Why are you applying for an internship instead of a job? Explain that to me clearly in the cover letter.

4. Saving Your Materials as ‘Standard’ or ‘Generic’. In the backend of Intern Queen, we see so many resumes and cover letters that are saved as ‘generic’ or ‘standard’ which quickly says to the employer, “you are not special”. They are getting the same materials as you send to everyone else. Make them feel special! Save your materials as your first name with their company name. No matter how custom your materials are, your job is to make the employer feel special.

5. They Don’t Follow Up With Me. Over the past few weeks, I’ve called at least 25 students personally to give them advice on their materials. I’ve addressed misspellings, grammatical errors, and much more. I’ll leave my personal phone number and email and I won’t hear back from them. Again, my goal is to help but sometimes students don’t let me help them.

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