My Experience Interning at Intern Queen

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My Experience Interning at Intern Queen

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to be one of Lauren Berger’s interns and here is a spark note version of how my summer went.


Interning at Intern Queen wasn’t like any other internship, there was no coffee runs nor any filing. I didn’t feel like an “intern” here I felt as if I was a vital part of the Intern Queen team. At Intern Queen we started every day at 8:30 A.M. sharp, I made sure I was there early every day. Someone once told me that if you’re not early, you’re late. I typically started the day by replying to emails or continuing on work from the day before, until Margie, our Marketing Manager assigned new tasks to me. We had an Intern Task Google Sheet where we keep track of everything assigned to us. This document made it very easy to pull up old work, check when things were due and see who assigned it to us. That document was super helpful, I recommend that you start one at your internship.


For the first half of the day I worked on recruiting campus ambassadors for companies such as Keurig, FabFitFun, and Timberland, I would create decks with profiles of the potential ambassadors for clients and have phone interviews. This summer I also got over my dread of cold calling. Cold calling was something I was not comfortable doing at all before this internship. I remember my heart was beating out of my chest the first time I cold-called someone. Luckily, I had a great team who was right next to me in case I messed up, which made me feel more comfortable. My outlook towards cold calling is completely different now. Do you need me to cold call the CEO of Apple, what’s his number? The worst thing someone can say is no. IQ TIP: always smile when you’re taking on the phone, it’ll change the tone of your voice to sound more friendly. During the day I also worked on reaching out to organizations on campuses across the US where Lauren can have Skype Q&A’s with.


After lunch, I usually worked directly with Lauren. Most of the summer we worked on Intern Queen Party preparation, which was probably my favorite thing to do. I helped brainstorm activations, vendors, and panelist. I continuously updated the run of shows for each party, I would get a rush of adrenaline every time a venue was locked or a panelist would confirm. I never realized how much work it really was to put together events such as the Intern Queen Party, we would take care of two things on the to-do list and add five more. Seeing everything come together and receiving such great feedback from attendees was an amazing feeling. This made me recognize and reassure myself about how much I really want to work in event planning. Another one of my favorite things that I did at Intern Queen was help with YouTube shoots, I even got to be a part of a video! Taking over Intern Queen’s Instagram with Zofia was also so much fun, a little too much fun if you ask Margie.


I learned so much this summer and I’m so grateful for all the hands-on experience I’ve gained, we were defiantly spoiled with work and responsibilities. Besides learning how to pitch, create decks, use excel like a pro, use websites like Eventbrite and MailChimp- I also learned a lot by observing. The Intern Queen team taught me how to really work hard and they led by example.


The work ethic, hustle, and passion that Lauren has for what she does is incredible and inspiring #GIRLBOSS.


I had the best summer internship experience interning at Intern Queen, I am so sad about how quickly the summer has ended but I’m so lucky to have worked with the most amazing group of women #GirlPower! Lauren, Margie, Anum, Gabi, Syndey, Brittany and the best intern buddy I could have asked for Zofia. Thank you all so much!!


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