My Experience Looking For A Summer Job

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My Experience Looking For A Summer Job

This blog is written by Victoria, our IQ Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University. If you go to WVU and want to blog for us please comment on this and Victoria will get in touch.

My name is Victoria Rihl, and I am currently a sophomore at West Virginia University. I’m majoring in Public Relations and loving every minute of it!  I&m home for the summer and knew that I would have to start looking for a job right away.   I was warned before coming home this summer, that jobs were scarce in my hometown, and would be tough to find. So the second I got home, I went and filled out at least fifteen applications at a variety of places. The lack of response I received was frustrating.   After almost three weeks of searching, I found a job.  I have a fund job working at the Coach store, selling handbags and accessories…a girl&s dream!  During my search for a job, I learned a lot of tips to help me in my future job searches and interviews.

1.      Be confident and happy walking into an interview –  I am a bubbly person, and walked into all my interviews with a positive, upbeat attitude and that really helped to show that I had a great personality. Everyone notices a girl with a big personality.

2.      Dress for the part you want – This became such a huge part of my interview process. If you don’t feel like your dressed for the part, then why should they hire you? You need to show employers that you will fit in with the rest of the company. After all, physical appearance is the first thing everyone notices.

3.      Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – Like I said, the past three weeks have been a very long process of searching and searching for jobs. At times, it was stressful and frustrating, but I kept going and filling out more applications. I just had to keep going until something came along (which thankfully, it did).

Although this is a summer job, and not something that will be my career, it taught me so much about how I will have to present myself and interact with prospective employers when I do start looking for a job in my career of choice.

Attitude, presentation and persistence, these are all things that I feel really helped me to land my current summer job!