My Favorite 5 Pinterest "Quote" Pins

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My Favorite 5 Pinterest "Quote" Pins blog image

My Favorite 5 Pinterest "Quote" Pins

This blog is written by Emily, an intern for Lauren Berger from SUNY Oswego. You can follow Emily on twitter @emilylongeretta.

We're not sure if you're addicted to Pinterest yet, but we definitely are. So, if you haven't checked out our page yet, it's time to do so! This week, we are featuring our five favorite quotes posted on our "Quotes Intern Queen Loves" board. So, here's some of our favorites:

This is a really important peice of advice, and one the #internqueenfamily really loves. Going out and going after what she want, instead of just hoping it will happen, means really succeeding.

Easy and simple advice. Hard work and respect for others will get you really far in life, from internships to personal realationships!

Working hard at your internship or job does pay off. If you're having a hard time at an internship you love, remember that it's all worth it.

This is one of the best quotes, and one thing we all need to live by. Being yourself is very important, so focus on the things you do great, and be true to your beliefs. It will pay off.

With a crown on the top, and a great message under it, we had to go with this one! This is true. Some internships may show you that you don't want to pursue that field. However, if you never go after these opportunities you will regret it.

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