My First 12-Hour Workday

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My First 12-Hour Workday

This summer I was lucky enough to have landed what I believe will be the most valuable internship of my life. Having applied for the internship online while almost 2,000 miles away in New York City, I did not know what to expect. After several rounds of phone interviews, that I had extensively studied and rehearsed for, I got the email from Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen herself, congratulating me on the internship. I was over the moon that I could work in an environment tailored to helping me succeed in the professional world while getting the experience necessary to propel me towards a future career.


As a company that values growth, teamwork, hustle, and of course their interns, I felt very spoiled by working in such a supportive environment. Let me tell you, Intern Queen does it right! It was because of this supportive environment that I was delighted to accept the request from my boss to work overtime during the company’s busiest time of the year. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had just agreed to work my very first 12 hour work day. I was overcome with a mix of emotions. While I was both excited and thankful for the opportunity to work more hours and gain more behind the scenes experience, I was curious to see how well I would last...


Going into the office the next day fully prepared for my 12 hour day: I had brought with me three insulated water bottles in varying sizes, a variety of nutritious snacks, two different jackets, and charging cords for both my phone and laptop. I was ready for anything and everything! That day I learned more about myself in 12 hours than I had all summer. Being asked to be a part of this team and work towards a common goal made me feel like a valued individual with something to offer to the whole. In the Intern Queen office, the intern’s perspective is valued instead of ignored.


Many bosses, in a time crunch, would not want the interns around to slow down their workflow, but Lauren chose to utilize our potential as interns and give us an experience to take with us beyond this internship. Even on the days we weren’t working, Lauren invited us to call in to conference calls with clients to keep us apprised of projects and to provide us with that added experience. I learned the inner workings of a company and a peek at what it takes to successfully run a business. I learned you can be serious about your career while creating a fun and light-hearted environment where everyone respects each other and gets along. I am so thankful for all of the tasks and assignments this internship allowed me to do that others possibly would not have.


I have done the type of work that people only dream of in a first job. I have assisted with recruitment, held interviews, posted on company social media accounts, completed social media takeovers, created PR decks to send to the clients and more! Aside from me packing for a whole camping trip, I was actually more prepared for my 12-hour day than I had thought. I was prepared for that long day because of the few months I had been working at Intern Queen. There was really never a question of whether I could “last” those 12 hours, thanks to the amazing team at Intern Queen and all that they taught me. I will miss you Lauren, Margie, Anum, Gabi, and my fellow intern Doriam. Thank you for a great summer.


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My name is Zofia Milito and I am a Sophomore at NYU majoring in media, culture, and communications with a minor in studio art. You can follow me on Instagram with the username @zomilito!!