My Former Intern Takes on Career Counseling Job!

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My Former Intern Takes on Career Counseling Job!

Since 2009, I've run a successful internship program year round at Intern Queen Inc. & It's a virtual internship program which can present its own set of unique challenges. My interns have been amazing from semester to semester. As I'm mentioned several times, staying in touch with everyone at your internship is crucial - even if you have a virtual internship. Exactly one year ago, my intern was Anna, a senior at University of California, Irvine and she really set the standard  for my internship. Anna knew how to get things quickly and always gave me more than I asked for. She was timely, dedicated, and an all-around impressive intern. Anna and I have stayed in touch and I've watched her go into a second internship and a first job. It's now been one year since her internship with me and I was lucky enough to receive a note from her over the weekend. In true Intern Queen fashion, Anna keeps in touch frequently - as she should. I wanted to share a few parts of the note with all of you.

Remember, internships teach you about YOU. What YOU like to do. How YOU like or don't like to work.

Clip of my note from Anna:

October 10th marks my 2-month anniversary at my new job at Company X (AKA a school in the California area) and I am loving it!  At this point in my career, this job is perfect for me because it gives me the opportunity to explore what each department does at a university in a higher education setting, which is the field that I'm looking to go into.  I can honestly say that my career path would not have been set had it not been for my internship experience with you. While interning at Intern Queen, I realized that I enjoyed working with college students and helping them find their direction. It only further solidified my desire to go into higher education / counseling.

*I cannot express the kind of satisfaction that comes from reading a note like this. Congratulations, Anna!