My Internship With The Intern Queen

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My Internship With The Intern Queen

This is a guest post from my summer intern, Mike, who attends Penn State. Mike, we miss you already!

Family: a word I never thought I’d associate with my summer internship. Sometimes it is easy to assume you will walk away from your internship drained of your ideas, exhausted from all the coffee runs, and without any connections. I am fortunate enough to say that I had the opposite experience. I can, without a doubt, say that I had my most amazing summer during my internship with Intern Queen Inc.

My internship taught me three very valuable lessons.

1) Your fellow interns rely on you as much as you rely on them

2) Speak up, because your opinions DO matter, and

3) Absorb everything you can.

I really learned the meaning of teamwork this summer working with three other fabulous interns! We quickly bonded and began the journey together. I never felt alone or that I had no one to turn to; the other interns could come to me for anything as well. It became apparent early on that we supported each other and that our success in this internship was not just based on individual performance, but how well we worked together, as a family.

One of my favorite aspects of my internship was how important I felt. My ideas actually meant something and helped the brand. This was not a copy-making internship (although, we rocked those copy machines in NYC). On a daily basis, we were ASKED our opinions and thoughts, something I didn’t think truly happened at internships. I walked away feeling as if I contributed way more than some excel sheets and Google docs.I don’t know about any of you, but my internship summer bliss ended super fast!

As the summer days winded down and my end date loomed in the distance, I quickly became aware that I needed to take in everything before it was too late. I made sure not to take my last few weeks for granted and to embrace every task as if it was the most important of the summer.I’ve grown so much from this internship and still feel the knot in my throat as I remember my time as an intern has come to an end. However, I laid down my crown with more than newfound wisdom; I found something better within my internship: #InternQueenFamily.