My Interview Is At Starbucks. What Do I Wear?

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My Interview Is At Starbucks. What Do I Wear?


Q: Hi Lauren,

I am supposed to be meeting the owner of an event planning company for an
interview this week. We are meeting at a Starbucks. My question is, what in
the world do I wear? Since it isn't in her office I wasn't sure if I should
really dress up. The outfit I had in mind was darkskinny jeans, black winter
boots, a gray tank top with a black
cardigan over it. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!


Alyssa, Student at University of Kentucky

A: Hi Alyssa,

Great question. It is very common (especially these days) for interviews to
be at public coffee shops. Many entrepreneurs and employers who work
virtually will do this - and sometimes executives just like to get out of
the office for interviews. My advice is to go above and beyond. Most likely,
the outfit you suggested, would be fine BUT just because we don't know this
woman and we always want to dress to impress, I'd go a little fancier. I
would suggest substituting the dark skinny jeans with a pair of black pants.
I would also go with closed toed heels over boots. I think the cardigan on
top is fine. Again, we always want to dress up for that initial interview
and then they will tell you what the dress code is for the internship. For
all we know, the woman might have a thing against jeans :)

Good luck. I know you will rock the house!

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"