My Senior Year Bucket List

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My Senior Year Bucket List

Michelle Langer is one of our campus ambassadors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a senior majoring in theatre and journalism.

As I approach the end of my undergraduate career, I’ve come to the harsh realization that there are so many things that I’ve never gotten to do or experience while I’ve been at student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  So, here are the things that I MUST accomplish before I graduate in May.

1.      Touch Abe Lincoln’s foot: On the top of our main hill at campus, Bascom Hill, is a statue of Abe Lincoln.  Supposedly, it is lucky to rub Abe’s foot, and in all my time here I’ve never done it!

2.      Sign my name in Science Hall: Up in the tower of our Science Hall is supposed to be a ceiling where students from generations past have signed their names, and I need to leave my mark there.

3.      Visit my grandfather’s dorm: I am third generation to come to school here and the dorm that my grandfather lived in when he was a student is still in existence, but I have never been inside.  I want to experience that nostalgia.

4.      Leave school without any regrets: I want to enjoy every minute that I have left in college and I don’t want to feel when I graduate that I didn’t enjoy my time here enough.  Also, I want to be able to graduate with the attitude that I worked hard and didn’t slack off.

5.      HAVE FUN!!!!

It’s never too soon to start your college or even internship bucket list, just have fun while you do it!