My Top 10 Internship Resolutions

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My Top 10 Internship Resolutions

This is a guest blog written by Kristi Atkinson, our University of Idaho Intern Queen Campus Ambassador.

My 10 Internship Resolutions:

1)If not yet an intern, or want another, apply to a position everyday until you get one. Keep an open mind, but make sure you research the company before to make sure you agree with their values and ideas, even if they pay. I applied to an internship to just apply. When I got an email back, I finally researched the company and realized they weren&t who I wanted to work for.

2) Follow up with a phone call to those employers. Maybe even a thank-you card.

2) Update your resume. Better yet, have multiple people look over it.

3) Meet a new contact everyday. Expand your network. Try new networking website such as LinkedIn.

4) Research something new everyday (Application tips, interview tips, writing skills, etc). Practice those skills ten minutes a day.

5) Find little things that make you irreplaceable.

6) Set new goals and follow them. Try something new everyday to enhance your resume (Volunteer, start a club, etc. ).

7) Review your previous year. Figure out what you didn&t like about it and figure out some changes that might help.

8) Attend more job fairs. While at the job fair, introduce yourself and briefly talk with the employers.

9) Find a person whom you may not get along with. Mend your relationship. Who knows? They might be your most important contact in a few years.

10) Be happy. Act happy. Look happy. First impressions are everything.

It is now May and I have to say that I have come to many realizations. One of which is things change. It&s hard to stick to life-changing resolutions without growing a little. After a while, resolutions become the norm. But I have to say that I have accomplished a lot from my resolutions. I have a summer internship and a new job. I have more references and my network has expanded. I have found connections in the most random places. But like I said, you never know who can help you the most! For example, I met a professor in a department completely different than mine. I kept it touch, and now he wants to send me to Peru to conduct a culture study as in internship (my dream!)! Keep up all of your hard work! It will pay off. AND, it gets easier as time goes on. Just remember to smile :)