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My Ultrabook Style

Intel is a new sponsor for my brand and encouraged me to take their new #UltrabookStyleQuiz (Click HERE). The quizis super quick and helps you determine which Intel Ultrabook suits your lifestyle. I took the quiz (and so should all of you!!) and my #UltrabookStyleQuiz revealed that the best computer for me is the LENOVO HELIX. We actually just gave away two of these at the #InternQueenParty!

I've been using the LENOVO HELIXfor about a week or two now and it's perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. Here's an example of how I used the Ultrabook while setting up for the #InternQueenParty the day of the event.

Tuesday, July 30th - DAY of 3rd Annual Intern Queen Party

7:30AM - I wake up, and pop the top (detachable) off myLenovo Helixso that I can use it as a tablet and browse through my Microsoft Outlook emails using the touch screen functionality. I quickly connect to WIFI and send a few emails to the hotel lobby to be printed out for the day.

8:45AM - I slide my Ultrabook into my Marc Jacobs cross-body bag (yes, it fits!) and head to breakfast at Juniors in Time Square with my friends who are in town for the party.

10:30AM - I run into a meeting with my team at the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. I take out my Ultrabook and use it (with the keyboard) to take notes, send emails, and go over docs from my Skydrive account with them.

11:45AM - My Ultrabook is back in my bag for my last minute trips to the manicurist and to grab a pair of earrings.

1:00PM - I head back to my hotel to meet up with a friend who is ready to style my hair for the party. I sit down, take out my Ultrabook, and start sending emails as she is doing my hair. Thanks to Windows 8 and the ability to "pin" websites to my home screen -- everything is in one place.

3:00PM - I head to MAC where I'm getting my make-up done for the party. I use the detachable tablet from my Ultrabook and show the make-up artist photos (saved on my home screen) from last year so she can see how I want my make-up done.

3:30PM - Two strangers at the MAC store tell me they are OBSESSED with my computer. I tell them it's the new Lenovo Helix Ultrabook. I tell them to take the #UltrabookStyleQuiz (of course!)

5:00PM - I arrive at the venue (Ann Taylor Flagship Store) for the #InternQueenParty. I have two media interviews scheduled. They want to see my website. I take out my Ultrabook (again!). They tell me they've never seen a computer like that before. I brag :)

6:00PM - I'm running up and down the stairs of the store checking in with everyone. I'm using the detachable tablet and checking things off on our schedule.

7:00PM - I loan my intern my tablet so she can download the Eventbrite app and use it to check people in at the party. And then 1,000 young people came into the store for our party!

10:30PM - Party was a success. My new Ultrabook saved the day. And now, I'm sleepy. Goodnight!