Myth Busters of Virtual Internships

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Myth Busters of Virtual Internships

This guest post comes from our Campus Ambassador, Cat Pylant. Cat is a senior at the University of South Florida and majoring in Public Relations.

Last semester I received an awesome opportunity to intern for Intern Queen. This internship was a virtual internship allowing flexibility with my packed schedule. Prior to taking the internship I heard various opinions on virtual internships, such as: They are easy, they do not look as good as traditional internships on a resume and one does not learn as much doing a virtual internship.

Well after completing my first virtual internship under the “Intern Queen” herself, I am here to set the record straight for anyone interested in these opportunities.


  1. Virtual internships are easy. If you want to do one because of this, don’t do it. This is so not true. Not only do you have to be great with time management, these internships take a lot of commitment. You are still completing the same tasks and learning the same as you would in an office setting, instead you have to do it on your own. One thing that helped me a lot with this was over communicating with Lauren and my fellow interns.
  2. They don’t look as good as traditional internships. This is also false. If you give it your all and complete your tasks, employers will be impressed. Just like I said above, this shows employers you are trust worthy enough to work alone and have great management skills.
  3. You don’t learn as much through virtual internships: In any situation you learn as much as you are willing to take on and as much as your intern coordinator is willing to teach. But I can assure you through my experience I learned so many skills that will make me stand out and benefit me for the rest of my life. Virtual interns can do just about anything regular interns can do, except make coffee (Which should not be a task anyways!)So as we are in the peak of internship season, do not pass by any virtual internship opportunity because of these myths. Not everyone has money to travel to their dream internship or time to make it to a location, please don’t let this stop you from gaining the experience because I wouldn’t trade mine for the world!