Nail Polish Advice for Interviews

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Nail Polish Advice for Interviews

A potential intern candidate, @EmilyJaneJ, on Twitter has a big interview coming up for a PR & Marketing position in New York City. She asked me about wearing a Pink/Red-ish color on her nails for her big interview. I&m asked about this type of thing quite frequently from young women. So let&s get my "Nail Advice" listed once and for all.

Nail Polish Pointers

1. All nails should be the same color. No rotating different color on different nail - even for holidays.

2. French Manicure is a win-win situation and probably your best bet.

3. You don&t have to get your nails professionally done but make sure that if you are doing your own nails they look clean, even, and neat.

4. I hope I don&t have to say this but dirt under fingernails is not acceptable.

5. Pretending you are LL and writing "FU" or anything else on nails is also unacceptable.

6. If you have fake nails/acrylics that&s fine but make sure they aren&t long and/or fang-like.

7. I would avoid blues, greens, and neon-shades.

8. Regular pinks, reds, and any neutral shades should be fine.

9. Just remember, your nails shouldn&t SCREAM anything or really draw attention to themselves. However, if an employer does look at your nails - they should feel that they look clean & professional & like you are taking the opportunity seriously.

10. Since we are talking about nails, also keep the rings to a minimum. One chunky ring is fine, but try not to be to "over the top" and avoid the "ring on every finger" look.

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